Resident Arts offers contracted services in the form of community created public art projects.

More than just murals

Resident Arts creates more than just stunning murals. Our process is adapted from a proven platform to create engagement in select communities, while also providing jobs training, advanced promotional champains, and of course beautiful artwork. Our projects are completely customizable to work with small teams or large groups, and the general public which makes them effective investments for team building activities, PR campaigns, and beautification projects.

Our trained artists can also be more directly commissioned to work in homes, businesses, and on exteriors.

Our Process


Partners include wall owners, nonprofit organizations, businesses, government agencies, and sponsors – any of which can initate the process and become a commissioning body. We work with each of these entities to pull together large-scale projects with the great locations, appropriate permissions, and specialized impact for each party.  The first step of our process is meeting with partners so that we’re all on the same page, a preliminary proposal and agreement is drawn up from these meetings.

Community Design

After we meet with partners to identify the community they wish to engage, we design workshops and provide feedback sessions, so that the community can be as involved in the design process as the commissioning body desires. Each project goes through a draft stage and final approval stage, and production doesn’t begin until everybody signs off.

Community Painting

In many cases, we can open the project up to the larger community – whether that’s the staff of a large agency and their families or the general public – to help paint the mural. We do this by applying the approved design to the wall in outline format, which makes it kind of like a large coloring book or paint-by-number. All skill levels can participate from 2 – 100+ and it helps to generate a sense of pride and stewardship in the finished product.

Professional Results

All of our projects are led by professional artists, and in many cases, with the assistance of teen artist trainees. After the community has filled in the bulk of the design, the artist teams ensure high-quality finished products by correcting mistakes, and adding details. All of our mural projects are painted with high quality lightfast mural paint, and sealed with an external varnish to help protect against graffiti and normal wear and tear.

Our murals are guaranteed against graffiti and normal wear and tear for 5 years after they’re created. Additional repairs due to weather or aggressive vandalism can be contracted for a fee.


We work with partners to meet their needs for recruiting attendance at public events, and generating buzz on social media. We document every step of the process and generate great raw marketing assets as a result.

Several public events can be integrated into the process – a community design feedback session, community painting day(s), and public dedication ceremony. Our agency is well connected with local media and can actively promote the work while it’s happening to ensure excellent turn out at these events.

Interested in commissioning a project for your business or partnering on an existing project? Contact Madeleine at or 573.303.7195.

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