A twelve week after-school program for high-school aged teens in which participants meet local professional artists, learn about their careers and specialized techniques, and produce work for exhibition to the public. This program is free to apply, participate in, and supplies are provided for those whose applications are accepted. The program meets weekly on Mondays from 5:30 – 7:30pm.  The application process is highly competitive and teens are required to submit their own applications.

Financial assistance for the teen residency program is provided by the City of Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs.


Application Guidelines & FAQs

The Emerging Artist Residency runs twice a year in the Spring (Mar – Jun) and Fall (Sep – Dec). Residents receive a key and 24/hr access to our studio space, one-on-one career guidance, access to our Professional Development Workshop series, and a modest stipend of $1,000 Residents produce work with the guidance of staff and an advisory committee, and the residency culminates in a public event designed by the artist and the committee.

Defining “Emerging”
We qualify “emerging” rather broadly, but generally, artists should be between 21 – 35 years old and have no less than 2 years of exhibition experience. Artists should demonstrate a consistent style, method, or conceptual framework for their individual artistic practices. These restrictions are not hard and fast, and each applicant will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What kind of artists are selected?
The most appealing applicants demonstrate a rigorous yet experimental artistic practice, have at least 2 years of exhibiting experience, and challenge themselves and their audiences to new and interesting artistic experiences.

How are artists selected?
An advisory committee comprised of past residents, and artists that have worked with Resident Arts reviews the applicants artist statement, CV, and images/videos and determines which artists best suite our interests as an agency.

As an extension of our exhibition goals, we prioritize the work of marginalized artists, artists whose work addresses social issues, collaborative work, experimental work, work that is made through rare and unique processes, edgy and subversive aesthetics.

What are the time commitments required of selected artists?
Residents are required to schedule in advance at least 10 hours/week  (between the hours of 8am & 10pm, any day) of studio time, in which they work on their art, and also open the studio to the public. Residents help Resident Arts maintain regular open studio hours where the public can drop in and view exhibitions.  

Scheduled meetings with staff take place throughout the residency, and residents are expected to attend and/or reschedule them as necessary.

What is the stipend?
The stipend is $1,000 total and is meant to cover costs of materials and offset the time the artist spends in the studio. It is to be used at the artist’s discretion with the understanding that any necessary materials for the work created during the residency is the sole responsibility of the artist.

Public demonstration requirement:
The residency will culminate in an open-ended public demonstration of some sort which might include an event, exhibition, artist talk, or other public demonstration of the work created in the residency. Previously, a traditional exhibition and artist talk was required, but we are now allowing the outcome of the residency to be determined by the artist in conjunction with the review committee. Artists will work closely with the director and committee to determine how the public demonstration will manifest, throughout the course of the residency.

Is there housing, travel, or other living expenses covered by this residency?
This residency is newly created, and is still in a sort of larval state. As such, we have grown to include a small stipend of $1,000. This, in addition to 24/hr studio space, career coaching, and PR, are the extent of our current offerings. We are however, happy to help artists find temporary living arrangements and if necessary, employment, should they be traveling in from outside of the immediate region.

We highly recommend scheduling a brief discussion with our director before submitting an application to answer any questions you have. Please don’t hesitate to email: or call 573.303.7195.

Past Residents

Spring 2019 Emerging Artist Resident, Tobi Coffee >

Spring 2018 Emerging Artist Resident, Brandi Ynocencio >

Fall 2017 Emerging Artist Resident, Patrick Tapp >

Spring 2017 Emerging Artist Resident, Carina Jimenez >

Spring 2016 Emerging Artist Resident, Maddie Olmsted  >

Spring 2015 Emerging Artist Resident, Sarah Goodnow Riley-Land  >

Financial assistance for this program was provided in part by The City of Columbia’s Office of Cultural Affairs.