February 15, 2016

Maddie Olmsted

MaddieOlmdsted_SMjpgMadalynn Olmsted

Spring 2016 Emerging Artist Resident, Madalynn Olmsted, created weavings in her three month residency and presented her project to the public. Olmsted created tapestries which use the daily emotional journals of individuals with different mental illnesses to code each weaving. Ephemera, samples, and the stories of the individuals will be displayed along completed works to engage viewers in her process. The final result is a journey of a day in the life of six individuals afflicted with very different conditions, juxtaposed to reveal the very different experiences of those blanketed in the term, ‘mentally ill’.

The Community Weaving Project, which has been created with the assistance of hundreds of individuals at half a dozen public events over the course of Olmsted’s residency, will also be displayed. This project came out of Olmsted’s desire to engage the community in her process and served as a way for her to discuss her residency project to a wide variety of people.

Residency: February 8 – May 31, 2016

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Residency Project: Reflections on a Day: mapping the emotional journey’s of people with mental illness