Feb 1 – Feb 28, 2018 Clarity Float Spa Residency Exhibition

Through a unique partnership between Clarity Float Spa and Resident Arts, 12 artists held residency at Clarity Float Spa over 12 months and made work about their experiences.

Exhibition on view Feb 1 – Feb 28, 2018
Artist Reception Friday, Feb 2 6-9pm

Refreshments provided.

Participating Audio Artists:
Jimmie Atchley | Em Downing
Tim Pilcher | Steph Foley

Participating Visual Artists:
Catherine Armbrust | Tracy Eichhorn | Ceara Kirkpatrick
C Pazia Mannella | Madalynn Olmsted | Anastasia Pottinger
Eric Schraedley | Melissa Tipton 

Audio downloads:

Opia – Jimmie Atchley and Em Downing – Aseity
Opia – Jimmie Atchley and Em Downing – Exposia Sol
Opia – Jimmie Atchley and Em Downing – Second Sight

Tim Pilcher – White Light
Tim Pilcher – The Passing Shadow
Tim Pilcher – Grains of Wind

Steph Foley – Vulvette – Nereid
Steph Foley – Vulvette – Oceanid
Steph Foley – Vulvette – No Sleep til Atlantis